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Top 6 tips : Include Essential Oils into your beauty regime

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Nature's herbs and flowers pack in a punch!

Not only for our health and well being but also for our beauty, vitality and vigour.

The eclectic wisdom of our ancients was packed into sciences like Aromatherapy, that the modern world has just started to rediscover. Let's dive into the top 6 ways to use essential oils to add to your beauty, lustre and feel like royalty!

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High vibrational frequencies and Essential oils

They are the life force of a plant in a concentrated form! One has to distill approximately 2,52,000 flower petals (8000 flowers!) for just 5ml Rose essential oil!

Imagine how much of Nature’s beauty, power and goodness a single drop of this essence would have!

Hence such concentrated essences have very high vibrational frequencies.

For instance, Rose essential oil’s recorded frequency is 320MHz while Frankincense is 147 MHZ. whereas a healthy human body vibrates in the range of 62 MHz and 68 MHz only

Positive Emotions and Essential oils

When a person inhales an essential oil, the scent is carried by olfactory nerve cells to the olfactory system which then sends the aroma to the brain, namely the limbic system, the house of emotions. This aroma invokes good feelings of wellness and vitality because of the inherent high vibrational frequencies.

The human tendency is to try to elevate itself to the high vibrational frequencies of essential oils (also called the 'entrainment' effect.)

With their wealth of naturally occurring antioxidants, essential oils have countless benefits promoting healthy hair and skin.

Caution : Safety instructions

  1. Always dilute and use topically with a carrier oil, never neat.

  2. Ideally 0.2% of the carrier oil you are diluting in.

  3. Do a patch test for allergic reaction and wait 48 hours before use.

  4. Less is always more with essential oils because even a minute drop has immense vitality, hence give remarkable results.

  5. Conversely due to their concentrated nature, they can irritate the skin and cause toxicity with heavy and continued usage.

  6. Some essential oils being extremely potent, can tingle or even burn depending on your skin type if not diluted properly.

  7. Keep away and do not use for children, pregnant women and elderly.

How does dilution with carrier oil help?

It is highly recommended that essential oils be diluted with nourishing oils like Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, Sweet almond oil and Argan oil This is because the essential oils stick to the fats in the carrier oils. Because of this they take their time to get absorbed by the fat in the skin thereby avoiding skin irritation.

Effective blends are made using a dilution ratio of 0.2% to 0.5% .

Beauty applications : Make it a part of your daily regime

Essential oils have low molecular weights and are lipid (fat) soluble so they can easily penetrate the skin. Once absorbed, they stay in the applied area for a localized benefit.

Use of a carrier oil also increase the absorption, especially in skin that is dry or flaky. Here, it helps moisturize the skin and also in slow evaporation of the oil.

1. For healthy radiant face: The day serum and night cream

Nourish your face and neck twice a day with recommened essential oils. Dilute with a light non greasy carrier oil like Argan or Jojoba for day time use. Dilute with a heavy oil like Sweet almond oil or with Shea butter or your favourite cream for night application.

This combination gets to work quickly on the face and works wonders by adding radiance and shine over time.

2. For healthy, strong, dandruff-free hair :

Nourish your scalp with the appropriate essential oil, carrier oil blend, massaging it gently in circular motions. Helps resolve multiple issues such as dandruff, hair loss, brittleness. Helps add luster, body and strength to hair follicles.

3. For a toned supple body :

Keep a blend handy for body massage. Use a deep nourishing oil like sweet almond oil or even coconut oil. Massage improves blood circulation, muscle tone while detoxifying and releasing the trapped energy from tense muscles. The fragrance triggers a sense of pleasure and wellbeing. Massage ensures deep penetration of the blend. It helps banish stretch marks, cellulite and keeps the skin smooth and supple.

Spa (at Home!)

Why wait for that spa appointment to get your groove back?

These simple ‘pick me up’ mini spas work wonders after a hard-stressful day. Pamper yourself within the comfort of your home.

1. Foot spa

After that long hard day, simply immerse your feet in a tub of warm water mixed with a few drops of essential oil and some sea salt. Your chakras will clean up and your feet will tingle with gratitude.

2. Rejuvenating bath :

Reclaim your joy by soaking yourself in a sweet smelling aromatic bath.

Add 4-6 drops of essential oils in the bath tub after the tub is filled. Ensure the water is mixed thoroughly to ensure proper dispersal. For extra sensitive skin, dilute essential oils with carrier oil before mixing with the bath water.

3. Pain-relieving hot/cold compress

Say goodbye to those achy sore spots with an aromatic compress.

For a hot compress, add a few drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water, dip the hand towel, then squeeze it out and place it on the affected area. Continue for a while. Lavender works well here. Same procedure can be used for premenstrual syndromes.

For a cold compress, add 6 cubes of ice to a bowl of water mixed with a few drops of essential oil. Dip a hand towel and then squeeze out the excess water. Place it in the affected area. An effective remedy for sore feet, hangover, sprains and headaches..


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