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Top 17 Aroma tips : Enjoy your favourite Essential oils fragrance wherever you are!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Essential oils and their blissful fragrance have a ton of therapeutic benefits. How do we carry these little pockets of heaven with us everywhere? How do we embed them in our daily lives? Read on to know...

We recommend you also read how to use and enjoy essential oils before you get to the tools of making them your BFFs!

Wish you could calm your nerves before that big interview?

Or calm those butterflies in the tummy before that big date…

Wish you could brim with energy after a long day at work, to meet your enthusiastic kids?

Or put those niggling thoughts away and just fall into a relaxed night slumber…

Ever prayed to get your kids to concentrate better…

Or dreamed of better camaraderie at your workplace?

Scroll and read to see if you have your answer…

Two methods to get the aromatic benefits: Inhale or Diffuse!

Diffuse, for these wonderful chemical free benefits! Know more about the wealth of wisdom packed into the potent alternate science of aromatherapy

1. Disinfect with essential oils like Tea tree, Lemon, Lemongrass. They clean the air, kill bacteria, virus and mould and repel bugs! Read the top 10 essential oils and top 4 blends to keep the pesky bugs at bay.

2. Deodorise your home office as often as you want! The lovely subtle aroma of Lemon, Jasmine, Lemongrass are great choices for positivity, energy and good vibes.

3. Relax and sleep the night away with the deeply relaxing Lavender and Sandalwood. Read our amazing yin and yang essential oil recipes to tackle sleeplessness and skin dryness

4. Focus effortlessly with Peppermint, Holy basil and Rosemary that aid concentration.

5. Get cold cough/pain relief with Lavender and Peppermint that alleviate pain and inflammation while eucalyptus decongests phlegm. Read our natural recipes for cold/ cough and the accompanying anxiety in Covid 19 times

6. Get in the mood for romance with sandalwood, ylang ylang and patchouli.


Inhale (generally personal use)

Go for any of these, ‘insta-use’ methods of essential oil inhalation, but always in moderation.

1. An aroma stick, akin to an inhaler is perfect for a quick whiff.

2. The aroma locket/ bracelet – amulet is a beautiful diffuser. Put a few drops of your fave essential oil on a tiny piece of diffusing fabric (cotton) inside the necklace, and enjoy all day!

3. The lava stone aroma earrings/locket/finger rings are a similar accesories that double in as diffusers. Put a few drops of essential oil onto the lava stone. It soaks up and releases th aroma all day long.

4. A drop or two sprinkled on a handkerchief is a simple, quick diffuser.

5. Sprinkle 2-3 drops on the pillow or cushion cover while sleeping for headaches or stress.

6. Add several drops of essential oil to a large bowl of boiling water and inhale the aromatic vapours for around 5 minutes. Avoid for kids or asthma patients. Keep eyes shut to avoid irritation.


Diffuse! (for home or work environment)

Try your hand at these diffusers and find the best one for you!

1. Ceramic /Clay diffuser:

The diffuser has a cave like opening to house small candles or earthen oil lamps. The top of the diffuser is shaped like a cup to hold water and few drops of aroma oil. Fill the small cup with water and a few drops of essential oils then light the candle or the lamp. Add castor oil to the earthen lamp as it burns longer than other oils. Once the mixture heats up and starts evaporating aromatic scent is diffused at least for 5 to 6 hours.

2. Electric Ceramic/ Clay diffuser: Same as above with the exception that it runs on electricity and a bulb heats up the oil and vaporizes it.

3. Scented Candle diffuser: Candle wax is pre-infused with aroma letting out a scent when burned.

4. Simple Candle diffuser: Light a candle. allow it to burn for 5 min, extinguish, put a drop of essential oil and then relight the candle for aromatic diffusion.

5. Steam diffuser: 5 drops of essential oil to a bowl of hot water

6. USB Diffuser: Works on diffusion with any USB computer connection.

7. Car diffuser: Works on diffusion with a cigarette lighter plug in or as a felt pad latch on to the air conditioner vent.

8. Pad diffuser: works on diffusion on any small plug in heating element and a scent pad infused with essential oil.

9. Ultrasonic diffuser: These expensive diffusers use electronic frequencies not heat to create vibrations in water which creates a fine mist of a mixture of essential oils and water released in the air. Some use it in winters to humidify the air.

10. Electric Nebulizer: These expensive diffusers use an adjustable air flow to vaporize the oils into microscopic droplets. Again, these oils are not exposed to heat.

11. Go the Pot Pouri way! Pot Pourri, is a mixture of dried flowers, herbs, grass and seed pods. A few drops of essential oil are added to the pot pourri and it is kept in a closed container overnight so the oil gets absorbed. The next morning the pot pourri can be kept in a bowl. The aroma would linger for a couple of weeks.

Caution : Essential oils are highly volatile and flammable. Hence, they should not be placed near the naked flame. The bowl of vaporizer should always be kept topped up with water and never be allowed to dry out while the candle is alight. Adequate precautions should be taken while candles are in burners like ensuring they are kept on a non-flammable surface, not left unattended and are out of reach of small children and pets.


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