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Cosmic Pep brings you a combination of 4 essential oils that can brighten your mood and senses at the end of a long hard day. Bergamot’s light refreshing aroma adds an uplifting, lightening quality to this blend. Geranium wonderful fragrance adds a sense of balance whereas Rosemary kills mental fatigue infusing a sense of clarity and vigour. Lavender add a touch of relaxation by soothing the mind as well as the body.


Composition: Pure and Natural Bergamot Essential oil (Citrus Bergamia), Pure and Natural Geranium Essential oil (Pelargonium Graveolens), Pure and Natural Rosemary Essential oil (Rosemary Officinalis), Pure and Natural Lavender Essential oil (Lavandula Angustifolia).


Cosmic Pep ‘Destress and Uplift’ blend helps you unwind, especially after those long stressful days:

  • Dilute a few drops in a diffuser and diffuse for relaxing and unwinding.

  • Add very few drops to your bath for a rejuvenating, refreshing home spa. 

  • Dilute with water and spray for zesty room freshening aroma.

  • Add a few drops to your bath for a refreshing feeling.

CP De-stress & Uplift Blend Oil 10ml

₹299.00 Regular Price
₹249.00Sale Price
  • Not for internal consumption. Do not apply undiluted on the skin. Keep away from children, pregnant women and elderly. Dilute and do a patch test 48 hours before using to check allergic reaction. Secure cap tightly and store in a cool dark place to avoid oxidation.

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